We are known for our amazing pizza!

Burrata’s pizzas were voted the BEST PIZZA in South Africa. Cooked in less than 90 seconds in an oven, imported from Naples, that heats up to 500 degrees Celsius. The dough is fermented for at least 48 hours to ensure great taste and easy digestion. The edges are “puffy” as well as crispy. The toppings are all careful combinations that produce taste sensations. The Fiore di Latte (mozzarella) cheese is made in house at the restaurant, as are the truffle spread, salsiccia sausage and pulled pork amongst the many great toppings.


We also have other amazing dishes you will enjoy!

House-made pasta dishes at Burrata are superb. Our Cavatelli is hand-made and served with octopus and a spicy tomato sauce. The ravioli dish is to die for. It is an Agnolotti, stuffed with a sweetcorn puree, and served with mushrooms, chives and pine nuts. New pasta dishes are introduced regularly.


We pride ourselves on having an extensive, carefully thought out and well priced wine list. The staff at Burrata are friendly and you are sure to have an amazing dining experience when you visit Burrata. See you soon!”