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"Live beautifully with your head up high, just like that rose on your chest. Her soft, delicate hands reached for her sleeves and she slowly began to roll the left one up. Danganronpa V.1. Her [eye colour] eyes scanned the view in front of her, quickly moving from one student to another. She is a first year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. You can defiantly tell that she was crying. it isn’t cheesy like other those the other couples make that spell out their feelings and such. That’s fact. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of teasing … Kei Tsukishima. Anime Crossovers. He is arrested after shooting and killing Keisuke. She didn't care who saw them anymore. you’re pretty, smart and sarcastic like him, but you’re also very caring and supportive and like to show him how much you love him. Golden | Soulmate AU | Tsukishima Kei X Reader _____ Soulmate AU where you can only see your soulmates eye color. He’d pick some named “Ocean, Fresh Ocean” something like that, it’s like a light, translucent blue color. Her image color is black, but is often depicted as gray or even a grayish-blue. Kei Tsukishima • 108 Pins. Bokuto’s eyes widened as he watched, completely entranced by the new and improved Karasuno team. 2 Followers • 22 Following. Kei Tsukishima x F!Reader ( part 1 )“ they were the sun and moon, destined to be together but only ever totally meeting once every hundred years or so. komorebi #kageyama #karasuno #tsukishima #sims 4 gameplay #hinata #yamaguchi fluff #kuroo #kurotsuki #bokuaka #ts4 maxis match #ts4 snowy escape reader. He has short blond hair, pale skin, thin eyebrows and golden-brown eyes. tags :// #haikyuu!! The sound of squeaking sneakers on a hardwood floor and grunts from the court took Bokuto back to his days of volleyball. Speaking of natural scent, his would probs be like barely noticeable but it’s pleasant hehe; Tsukishima… warnings: christmas fluff!! Kei Tsukishima • 898 Pins. Yakuza 3. Tsukishima had been being pursued by Makoto Date and his subordinate Keisuke when he took Mariko hostage. It is very likely to go your whole life without finding your soulmate. Associations. Everybody's eyes besides your soulmates appear grey to you. "Shuu Tsukiyama, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 32 Shuu Tsukiyama (月山 習, Tsukiyama Shū) was the infamous Gourmet (美食家, Bishokuka) ghoul of the 20th ward. Despite being a first year, he is the tallest player in Karasuno High, standing at 190.1 cm. _____ One chance encounter might just be a persistent figure that he currently needs. Occupation. No thoughts.....just Tsukki. _____ After looking at the clock for the 15 th time in the last 20 minutes, you inwardly groan, laying your head on your desk. in a relationship with s/o . 1 Personality 2 Appearance 3 History 4 Relationships 5 Cure Guitarist 6 Etymology 7 Trivia 8 Gallery 8.1 Profile 8.2 Screenshots Kotone is an energetic and boyish girl. He is also the only player on the Karasuno team who wears glasses. She didn't care what she was called anymore. Brown. Other. his playlist isn’t like others. "Moon Princess") is a Japanese adult visual novel created by the dōjin circle Type-Moon, who first released it at the Winter Comiket in December 2000. Tsukishima, hoping to try and avoid his current situation, escapes on a trip to Siargao island. tsukishima x gn! #sims 4 #simblr #sims 4 lets play #snowy escape #mt. ゚☆ christmas ornaments. Feeling the soft kisses Tsukishima was placing along your collarbone made your legs buckle and your mind hazy. Appears in. Basically he found a female version Yamaguchi. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO EVERY SONG HE PUT. Tsukishima is very tall and has a lanky, incredibly slim build for a volleyball player. He is often seen … The uniform was nice, she noted, as she slung her backpack over her shoulder and trudged up the concrete stairs, looking down to avoid eye contact with the students. Criminal. Your (eye color) eyes were glassy as you muttered something incoherent. Death Note. He is often seen with a frown on his face. Kei Tsukishima • 57 Pins. He and his brother do not look particularly alike, but share the same eye color. Her eyes were puffy, making her (eye color) eyes appear brighter then usual. He’d probs over-apply too so it would overpower whatever his natural scent is. She is good at any sports. If there was one thing that Tsukishima loved about Christmas, it was you. he indirectly confessed to you by making a playlist. Everybody’s eyes besides your soulmates appear grey to you. He went to the doctors two weeks ago and they told him volleyball was going to disappear in his near future. Kei Tsukishima 's best boards. In competition, he wears black jammers with subtle brown and gray designs. She didn't care about anything. Kei Tsukishima • 153 Pins. Yoshiko Tsushima, also known as Yohane (ヨハネ Yohane), is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Tsukishima’s eyes squeeze shut as she does, and when he opens them he can clearly see Y/N beaming up at him as she ruffles his hair. For the Anti-Aogiri member, see Shuu. Soulmate AU where you can only see your soulmates eye color. you two started dating because for the first time he found someone who wasn’t boring and didn’t get on his nerve so easily. Her alter ego is Cure Guitarist (キュアギタリスト Kyua Gitarisuto). Tsukishima Kei ; HEADCANONS. It is very likely to go your whole life without finding your soulmate. Anime Memes. 3D night light for boys, KEI TSUKISHIMA 3d LED ANIME LAMP HAIKYUU Manga Gift Anime 3d Lamp Night Light Lamp Otaku Gift Well Packed (Emitting Color : No Controller) $29.99 Only 4 left in stock - … Kei Tsukishima | No thoughts.....just Tsukki. we all know Tsukishima is a salty bitch. Tsukishima Kotone (月島ことね Tsukishima Kotone) is one of the Pretty Cures in The Pretty Cure Band♪. Kei Tsukishima. 07.10.2019 - 1000+ coole Nachnamen für Charaktere 1000+ coole Nachnamen für Charaktere #charaktere #coole #nachnamen Ideen fur die schule Tsukihime (Japanese: 月姫, lit. Our best! word count: 808 authors note: reupload because tumblr hates me

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