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Decision trees allow a decision-maker to consider the possible outcomes of his decisions in a systematic way and to draw correct conclusions with respect to the best course of action. The Institute of Service Excellence (ISE), in conjunction with the SMU Academy is pleased to offer the SMU Advanced Certificate in Service Strategy and Management (ACSSM). In a knowledge-intensive economy, success depends on your company’s ability to exploit its available knowledge resources and you can gain those skills with this program. The session also introduces specific data mining software for building predictive models without writing any code. SMU Cox Main Navigation At SMU Cox Display At SMU Cox Sub Menu An exceptional school in the heart of a vibrant, global, business-friendly city. To address these uncertainties in a decision-making context, decision trees have proved to be a powerful graphical tool. management to general management and entrepreneurship. In preparation for this session, it is highly recommended that students unfamiliar with how the Internet works watch the 15-minute movie on Graduate Business Analytics Certificate Program GBACP Home Who Should Participate Tuition and Fees Content and Professors Leverage the terabytes of data that bombard your organization to drive efficiency, maximize your tech-nology investment and strengthen your customer relationships. More realistic models require multiple variables. Zoom Meetings, $4000 (registration fee included) Full Tuition for ONLINE PROGRAM. These topics are explored through Google Analytics. Linear programming (LP) is a tool for the mathematical optimization of complex decision problems.This session begins with a fun, hands-on, interactive problem-solving exercise drawn from production planning. An exceptional school in the heart of a vibrant, global, business-friendly city. e.g., collections of products that are bought together, or by the same buyers over time. Each module is conducted over 2 weekday evenings and a full Saturday. The goal of the session is to not only understand how to build such models, but also gain an appreciation for the particular circumstances in which each modeling technique is appropriate. PERSPECTIVES@SMU PROGRAMMES Master of IT in Business (MITB) HR Analytics Certificate - Using Analytics to Improve People Decisions (Foundation Level) Certified HR … data from corporate databases, data An exceptional school in the heart of a vibrant, global, business-friendly city. Meet your career challenges head-on by mining the expertise of the nation's top business leaders. The RM approach is to exploit differences in customer segments and their willingness to pay. A real world example will show managing data for a web site; from online ordering to Pick and Pack. In the SMU Data Visualization and Communication Certificate program, learn how to pair visual representations like charts, diagrams, infographics and dashboards with storytelling techniques to strengthen your delivery. Some real world problems cannot be modeled using pure optimization techniques, particularly those that involve an element of chance. This is a useful method for mining large transaction databases to discover affinity patterns. Participants will receive their certificate within 2 weeks from the end of the course. The problem that motivates RM is ancient: how does a company manage its capacity and/or prices to extract the greatest possible revenue from the marketplace? SMU Certificate Overview Our curricula teach the latest market skills* in the web development, data science, fintech, and cybersecurity fields. Data analytics have been touted as the most important technology which will bring organizations move to their next frontier. In a data-driven economy, the ability to make better decisions, create value and develop a sustained competitive advantage using data analytics techniques, is imperative. This example is used to introduce the basic concepts behind LP as a mathematical model of the exercise is developed and then solved using the Solver in Microsoft Excel. The class will also look at basic Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. business score-carding. And almost any reliable budget depends on a reliable forecast of the variables influencing cost. Courses are taught by expert faculty who bring industry experience to the online classroom. Graduates of this program will master the concepts and tools required to effectively mine, manage and analyze unstructured data and to clearly communicate … This lecture is designed to introduce you to some of the models and methods used in the emerging field of revenue management (RM). Rigorous programs within a truly customized academic experience. First, we examine Clustering, which is a data mining method for discovering distinct segments within a broad data set. Participants who miss the assessment will not be awarded the certificate issued by SMU. Over the past few years, these technologies have experienced explosive growth, both in the number of products and services offered, and in the extent of coverage in the trade press.Vendors, including all database companies, are increasing the attention paid to all aspects of decision support. This certificate will be in the form of a digital certificate that runs on blockchain and is tamper-proof and verifiable. A special emphasis is placed on how to integrate forecasting into the business planning process. Because of this, more than ever, we are in need of analytics-intelligent executives.” Mr Lyon Poh, Partner and Head of Digital + Innovation, KPMG Services Pte Ltd: "Data is The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a performance measurement system that helps management gain a fast yet comprehensive view of the organization, as well as translate organizational strategy into every-day operations. No longer are business intelligence and data analytics reserved for just math-minded programmers. Participants who miss the assessment will not be awarded the certificate issued by SMU. In fact, as a firms offerings become more digitally driven and/or service-oriented, the manufacturing and assembly component of work declines, and project planning and execution play a vital role. Graduate Certificate in Digital Health Module 2 : Analytics for Healthcare (Basic & Intermediate Levels) Programme Code: TGS-2020502626 (Face-to-Face) Funding Validity Period: 23 Oct 2017 - 31 Mar 2021 | This module is part of Graduate Certificate in Digital Health Through a new interactive and engaging online Data analytics graduate certificate programs provide college graduates with targeted training in the knowledge and skills required for careers that involve working with big data in fields such as advertising, business, engineering from marketing, financial management, operations and technology Students will become familiar with implementing regression in Excel and interpreting the Excel output. For example, a person who books a room in an upscale hotel three days in advance is typically willing to pay much more than someone booking the same room three months in advance. In this lecture, we will demonstrate how many complicated problems can be analyzed using simulation models built in spreadsheets. Create value from organizational data and make smarter business decisions for increased performance and profitability. For example, without good sales forecasts, inventory management and capacity planning can go badly wrong. Support your organization with tools and skills to improve your data insights.

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